Friday, October 29, 2010

OOTD 10-27-10

Sunglasses $20, Bass Pro

Long Sleeve White Button-Down Blouse, $20, Old Navy 

Black dome button waistcoat, £27, Dorothy Perkins  

Black Trousers, £16, Evans  

Wedge Sandals, $22, Payless

I recently discovered my "Life Number" in numerology is the number 8...

This number indicates strength in executive leadership, business and management...based on that, I was going for super-duper-business look ;)

Also, people with a Lifepath 8 tend to either succeed above and beyond, or fail miserably at everything they attempt...we're all-or-nothing since there's no gray area, just black and white, I decided to incorporate that into the outfit.

Can you tell I'm into astrology/numerology? :)

Old Navy - Outerwear Sale!

Ends 11/10!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seriously, how has this woman not been fired?

I'm sure at this point, everyone has heard about the Marie Claire situation.

This article basically explains the whole situation, and here is a link to the original post. The original has since been updated with an apology that pretty much screams "Yeah, I'm sorry or whatever, but do you guys really HAVE to be so fat?"

And to top it all off, the magazine TOTALLY backs her. Pretty fuckin' hypocritical if you ask me. How a magazine could try to appeal to bigger women by running photos of “real size” models and a column called “big girl in a skinny world” only to follow it up by that OUTRAGEOUS article is completely beyond me. Way to take 2 steps forward and about 64,569 back, Marie Claire.

So, I personally am boycotting this publication until they come to their senses and fire this woman. I have a degree in psychology and am in the process of getting my masters...I KNOW that this writer feels this way towards fat people because she is anorexic (anorexia is an addiction like any other, and just because you no longer act on it, you still THINK like an anorexic because it is ingrained in the brain to be the natural setting that a recovering anorexic battles daily)...but GUESS WHAT...if she has a problem, she has to admit it, not use it to justify hate. And if the magazine had any sort of sense, they'd fire her ass and say "Listen here, this shit is YOUR problem, not ours, and we've worked too hard embracing the plus-size community for your disease to fuck it all up for us now."


Jessica London - After 5pm Sale!

Alloy - Jeans, Buy one, Get one 50% off!

Evans Sale!

Evans (LOVE them!) is having a sale on EVERYTHING! GO!


PLUS an extra 10% Off at Checkout! Use code N2LM64QQJH3D

Avenue - 30% Off!

ASOS - The Saga Concludes...

I received a very nice email this morning from ASOS...letting me know that the package I never received must have been lost in the post, and is now unrecoverable. They WOULD have resent my package, except now everything I ordered  is out of stock, so they gave me a full refund.

That was nice of them to fix the situation without a fuss (though I think considering the circumstance, anything less would have been absolutely RIDICULOUS) but it ULTRA SUCKS that I can't have those items and also, what would have happened if I hadn't contacted them? I have been shopping online (OFTEN) for YEARS and never once has a package gotten lost...even when a package is set to arrive later than expected, I've always received emails from whatever company...this went COMPLETELY unnoticed by ASOS, so what kind of service could I expect from them in the future?

I really want to give them one more shot, but when I do, it'll be because I see something on their website that I HAVE to have...I know that the US website thing has them tangled up too, because I've been seeing on other blogs and communities that others have been complaining recently of packages taking forever to arrive, but if they are expanding, it should be to the BENEFIT of their customers, not their detriment.

If anyone has anything to say about ASOS, good or bad, I'd love to hear it, since the one and only experience I have with them has left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.

Speigel - Lunchtime Sale!

Addition Elle - 25% Off!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ASOS...the saga conitnues....

I still haven't received my package, so I sent ASOS a customer service email yesterday afternoon. It was 9:30pm in the UK, so I didn't expect a quick response. I got an email this morning saying that they received my email and were going to work on it...nothing so far.

So, I just wanted to keep you guys posted on this, and hopefully I have some news soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yours Clothing - Extra 20% Off Sale!

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Yours Clothing...I haven't purchased anything from there (yet), but the website is ridiculously easy to navigate, they post prices in dollars though it's a UK based shop (not many do), and they actually have decently priced cute clothes.My favorite feature though is that if you want an item that is currently out of stock, you have the option to give them your email and have them message you when the item becomes available in your size again!

They are currently having a sale that takes an extra 20% off already marked down items in the sale/clearance section! TODAY only!

Here's some of my picks:

Black, Pink & Grey 2 In 1 Pintuck Shirt Cardi Top - Today Only $18.84

Black Lace Insert Asymmetric Top - Today Only $12.56

Black Asymmetric Ring Detail Top -Today Only $12.56

Avenue - Boots and Denim Sale!

Catherines - Last Day for GREAT Savings!

Torrid - 30% Off Outerwear!

Alloy - 15% Off!

Last 2 days, the sale ends tomorrow!


I'm in one of those swings in life where I'm pretty much behind on everything (including my homework, 5 photoshoots over the weekend that I've yet to edit/proof, and I won't even TALK about the giant pile of clean laundry to be put away)....But this will be the week I get it all done and get back in the swing of things!!!

Mark my words: I shall post every day this week as is custom, and I shall post at least 2 OOTDs, along with LOTS of reviews on clothes I've purchased and received in the past week that I haven't gotten a chance to write about.

Thanks for being patient!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Navy - 15% Off!

15% off your entire order when you input the code ONTREAT at checkout (ends Tuesday, 10/26)

There's also crazy sales all over the online store, check it all out! Apparently the deals are changing daily!

ALSO - free shipping on all orders over $50! Use code ONSUPER50 at checkout.

Dorothy Perkins - 20% Off!

Today only, an extra 20% off the sale section!!!

I went and got myself a cute blouse, a new necklace and a pair of studded flats for £20! Make sure you check this sale out!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Torrid - 30% Off!

Ends tonight! I already got my share! LOL Picked up a blazer, a plaid pencil skirt, a pair of black capri leggings (I already have that exact pair, but they're AWESOME) and a pair of Source of Wisdom cropped pants (LOVE how that brand fits!)

Ashley Stewart - 19% Off a $75 Purchase!

Check out the sale here, today is the last day!

Alloy - 15% Off!

OOTD 10-17-10

1.Denim Jacket, $29, Old Navy
2.Woven Surplice Dress, $22, Faith 21
3.Wedges, $22, Payless

I hope everyone has their purple on today!!!! 

ASOS, what gives?!

Remember when I told you guys about my first ASOS Curve shopping experience?

Probably not, because it'll be an entire month this week since I ordered from them, and still NOTHING.

Mind you, I DID opt for the free standard shipping, but if you read back, you'll see that it shouldn't have made a difference, because although it was set to take "less than 2 weeks", my birthday would still not have passed, and I'd be able to wear my new clothes then.

Well, my birthday has come and gone. And the clothes have not.

It has been 4 weeks and nothing.

So, uh...ASOS...what gives?!

Old Navy - 25% Off!

Enter ONSTYLE25 at checkout!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My first blog award!

 Thanks to Lindsey from Lindsey The Vampire Slayer, a KICKASS nail art blog, I got my first blog award!

The Rules: Tell us 7 things about you then tag 12 other blogs for this award.

1)I have a pug and a cat, and they are my world!

2) I only very recently started to care about fashion and putting myself together nicely, though I've ALWAYS loved shopping and have been a fashion photographer for almost 3 years (go figure!)

3) I currently own an insurance agency and work there 30 hours a week, but I also own my freelance photography business, called Beautiful Garbage Photography, Inc. On top of THAT, I'm a graduate student getting my Masters in Psychology (hopefully) this time next year.

4) I've been married to my best friend for almost 3 years (Our anniversary is right around the corner, actually) and I couldn't be happier!

5) I have tons of high end make-up, but I hardly ever wear any (as in, maybe once a month, I'll get dolled up, though I own hundreds of dollars worth of MAC, Clinique, etc.)

6) I'm the kind of person that needs to be constantly busy and running around, but when I do have a minute to chill, I straight VEGETATE. Like, don't talk to me, I'm just going to lay here for a while and do NOTHING.

7) I love to read, but I hate fiction. I love biographies, memoirs and psychology texts (nerd alert! LOL I embrace my nerddom! Fiction nowadays sucks!)

Ok, now to tag people...

Alloy - 15% Off!

I'm still waiting on that return, but maybe you guys have better luck with Alloy!

Speigel - 25% Off!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Old Navy - 2 Sales Over the Weekend!

Casual Plus...a review!

I got a suggestion from Megan, one of my readers, to check out Casual Chic because they had clothes that's "either really nice or fugly"...I was sold! LOL With a description like that, I HAD to check it out for myself!

I will agree with Megan that the picture of the stoic Asian lady at the top of the page is a But I trudged on and checked out the size chart. They work with Junior Plus sizes, so the letter sizes and number sizes might not coincide the way we're used to (ex. a 24 is usually 3x, but here it's a 5x), though it is ALWAYS a good idea to check size charts EVERYWHERE because your "size" may vary store to store and even brand to brand, but your measurements are pretty reliable.

I don't LOVE the website layout, but it wasn't so hard to navigate that I quit...also I noticed they were paypal verified and certified, and while anyone can just stick that little graphic on their website, I trust paypal overall to get my money back for me if something is fishy, so them accepting paypal alone kept me on their site. I don't personally feel comfortable paying for something with a credit card if it is not a well-known merchant...

So...I browsed and browsed, and Megan had it right. Everything was either really cute or just plain fugly, not a whole lot of in-between...I really liked a lot of the styles, but the fabrics looked questionable. I decided to go out on a limb (mostly because they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee) and bought 2 pieces so I could judge the actual quality for myself.

Facade stripe print blouse, $18.99

Trendy cancan mini dress, $29.99

One thing I did REALLY like is that the descriptions are SUPER detailed, even letting you know the finish of the fabric (sheer, shiny, etc) which is something that is usually hard to gauge online and can lead to disappointment upon arrival of something you THOUGHT would be completely different.

So, now we wait for the items to arrive! Thanks again to Megan for letting me know about this place, and if any other readers would like to suggest a place to get great plus sized clothes, whether online or in Miami, FL, please let me know! Comment the blog or email me at

:EDIT: 100TH POST! :)

Torrid - Rush Hour Sale! TOO FAT?!

Another video I just ran across, it's from last year but some major food for thought regarding fatshion vs. the fashion industry.

Jessica London - 30% Off for a Limited Time!

Fat Rant

LOVE this! I saw it a while back, and just ran into it again.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


hey guys, I made myself a Lookbook account, and I've added only one look so far, which is one you've seen...but I plan to post OOTD's there as well as here, so if you are on Lookbook, please add me! I'd love to see your looks too! Remember, I'm just now getting into fashion and getting inspired everyday by what I see around me, so if we can inspire each other...well, wouldn't that be grand?!

Avenue - 31% Off!

Use code AV101195 at check out to get 31% off your entire purchase!

Newport News Sales!

Faith 21 wish list/review

They seem to have posted some new stuff between yesterday and today, and although my experiences with Faith 21 have been very hit or miss, there's some stuff I just love and would love to try out in store soon!

Metallic Beaded Tube Dress

Drape Front Top

Abstract Empire Dress

Bundled Up Cardigan

Longline Cardigan Vest w/ Leatherette Belt

As far as my last online purchase from them, I'm sending 2 of the 3 things back, and that third thing is sticking around by a very narrow margin. The printed belted dress was ALMOST kept, because I loved the length and the front, but the belt doesn't go all the way around (it's just stitched on the front) and that makes the back look weird. The woven surplice dress is the keeper, because I managed to find a bra that wasn't visible due to the low cut. The classic ponte dress is the one I was most excited about, but the one that most undeniably needed to go back. There wasn't enough room in the top for my boobs, and that made the whole thing look awful (an empire waist giving you four-boob is NOT a good look, no matter what size you wear).

So, yeah. I'm waiting on all these returns before I bother shopping there online again, unless something phenomenal because exclusively available on the website.

Faith 21 is changing it's name?

to Forever 21 Plus Sizes. Wow. Cutting Edge stuff right there.

On one hand, I guess it's a nice idea because it shows that plus size and straight size girls are on the same level, so they should be under the same brand...


If that's the case, shouldn't it just be Forever 21, available in size 0-3x? If you're going to try to homogenize it so that big girls lose their identity, do it properly.

I personally am a little more than just irked by the impending name change, especially considering that the straight sizes have several brands to themselves (Heritage 1981, Love 21, Twelve by Twelve, and of course, Forever 21), and we can't even get one stinkin' brand to ourselves.


Naturalizer - 20% Off!

shop online now with promo code WER96 to take 20% off your entire purchase, even sale items!

Jessica London Sale!

Torrid - Free Panty for Cardholders!

I already got mine LOL along with a black vest (which I've been on the hunt for...I now shall own TWO!) and my first ever pair of skinny jeans, which I'm still skeptical about, but we shall see once they arrive.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For my birthday...

I took myself on a mini-spree at Dorothy Perkins!

Here's what I bought, and according to the website I'll have it all in less than 2 weeks!

Khaki military ponte dress

Uttam blue/cream panel dress

(last one in my size!)

Orange print border top

Black dome button waistcoat


(from this wishlist)

Khaki ditsy tiered skirt

Catherines - 50th Anniversary Sale!

They also have a sale on lingerie, shapewear and dresses!

In addition, they have 50% off sweaters today only!

Old Navy - Birthday Sale!

Use code ONBDAY20 at checkout.

There's also sales all over the website!

:sigh: I heart Old Navy.