Saturday, October 2, 2010


Items I'm exchanging for the Faith 21 things I'm returning, so it totally DOESN'T count as a violation of the shopping ban ;) right?

Printed Belted Dress, $19.80

Woven Surplice Dress, $22.80

Classic Ponte Dress, $24.80
I'm telling you, I REALLY want to love this store! One more chance, and that's all!


  1. Ooooh, girl, I have had my eye on the woven surplus dress and the classic ponte dress for a while now! Obviously, we share great taste! I can't wait to see how they work for you. Hopefully great!

  2. I hope they work out too! thanks! I'm REALLY wanting to like this place, the price is right on the clothes, and they look so cute! It's just a shame they same to not be able to to speak. LOL

    thanks for the comment! :)