Friday, October 8, 2010

Review - Catherines, Loop 18, Cacique, Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug

So, I received my package from all of the above this week (they're all affiliated, so you can buy from all five stores at one website, and they usually give some sort of deal/incentive when you shop from a combination of stores), and I'd like to review the clothes/service.

First off, I love that I can shop at such different places all in one spot, AND get discounts as a result! Catherines and Lane Bryant are more sophisticated clothes, Cacique is all undergarments/lingerie, and Fashion Bug is a bit more accessible clothing. Loop 18 is a plus size juniors boutique, basically a younger version of Lane Bryant.

From Loop 18, I got the black mesh skirt I wore yesterday, and a red plaid/black tunic I'm wearing today (OOTD to follow later!)...I'll definitely be shopping at Loop 18 more, they have really cute stuff. From Fashion Bug, I got a black mesh cocktail dress (GORGEOUS, idk why my fascination with buying formalwear when I have no upcoming occasions to wear them. It's always good to have just-in-case formal wear, but I have like 4 dresses just waiting for a party!) and I also got these awesome leggings that I'm wearing today. They are the Sistine Chapel of leggings. They are super heavy duty material, they feel more like pants. They don't cling at the bottom, and are the perfect length. LOVE!

From Cacique, I got 2 bras, as they were buy one, get one 50%. Lovely, as always (I used to buy all my lingerie at Cacique). At Catherines, I picked up a pink silk pencil skirt with a black lace overlay. BEAUTIFUL, but almost too nice to wear to work. We'll see what occasion I wear this to.

The last item, a pair of pinstripe wide leg work pants, SHOULD have been wonderful, but they were too big on me. Too wide, too long, just wrong all over. Those will be going back. The awesome thing is that these can be returned in store, so I don't have to go through the mission of mailing them back and possibly getting charged for it.

Overall, very good shopping experience. I've always been a fan of Lane Bryant/Cacique and only stopped shopping there because it was so expensive for a shopoholic like me, but now that I've been introduced to these other brands (esp. Loop 18) and I know where to find all the deals, I'll definitely be hitting this place up more often!

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