Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seriously, how has this woman not been fired?

I'm sure at this point, everyone has heard about the Marie Claire situation.

This article basically explains the whole situation, and here is a link to the original post. The original has since been updated with an apology that pretty much screams "Yeah, I'm sorry or whatever, but do you guys really HAVE to be so fat?"

And to top it all off, the magazine TOTALLY backs her. Pretty fuckin' hypocritical if you ask me. How a magazine could try to appeal to bigger women by running photos of “real size” models and a column called “big girl in a skinny world” only to follow it up by that OUTRAGEOUS article is completely beyond me. Way to take 2 steps forward and about 64,569 back, Marie Claire.

So, I personally am boycotting this publication until they come to their senses and fire this woman. I have a degree in psychology and am in the process of getting my masters...I KNOW that this writer feels this way towards fat people because she is anorexic (anorexia is an addiction like any other, and just because you no longer act on it, you still THINK like an anorexic because it is ingrained in the brain to be the natural setting that a recovering anorexic battles daily)...but GUESS WHAT...if she has a problem, she has to admit it, not use it to justify hate. And if the magazine had any sort of sense, they'd fire her ass and say "Listen here, this shit is YOUR problem, not ours, and we've worked too hard embracing the plus-size community for your disease to fuck it all up for us now."


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