Friday, December 31, 2010

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30 for 30 - Week 3 in review!

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Lots of out there choices in the 3rd week...out there for me, at least. The soccer mom look on Day 15 was a fail in my book, but I did try out the really short dress again on Day 20 (and didn't hate it), and I also rocked a tee with a blazer, though now I'm curious to try it with jeans rather than trousers.

I'll continue to post the rest of the 30 for 30 photos throughout the month of January (gotta milk those OOTD photos! LOL) and I'm also going to introduce a new weekly feature to the blog starting in the new year...

I'll post a few sales posts now, then off til next year! ;)

Have a happy and safe New Years Eve, take lots of photos, have lots of fun, and I'll see you on the flip side! Thanks so much for sticking with me, commenting, and overall being awesome!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 for 30 - 21/30

The Usual Suspects:

* Black Tunic
* Black Cropped Pants
* Black Ballet Flats

The Accomplices:

* Multi-chain necklace
* Blue Belt, Torrid, $22 (now available HERE on clearance!)

I love the belt, I hate that it photographs more purple than blue. Boo.

Pretty simple outfit, but that little pop of color adds to it, I think.

I'm going to make this a quick one, I'm at work! Bye, guys! Hasta maƱana!!! :)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Save across all five sites!

OOTD 12-24-10

I hope everyone's Christmas was lovely! Here's a little post on how I spent my holiday...

What I wore Christmas Eve
* Dress, Old Navy, $36.50 (though it's now on sale for $13.99 in limited sizes!)...I loved that it had a "Christmas ornament" vibe to it LOL

I went here:

and I had some of this:

along with some of this:

and it was pretty awesome.

Then, Christmas day...there was lots of THIS!

And even some of this! LOL

Monday, December 27, 2010

hey guys!

Sorry for my sudden disappearance, I've been super sick all weekend. I'm just today starting to keep food down :\

I'll be back tomorrow with sales posts and my OOTD from Noche Buena. Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, and I'd love to see what you all wore during your celebrations!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

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The end of season clearance event isn't available to the public until the 26th, but you guys are getting first dibs!

GO! :)

Torrid - BOGO!

30 for 30 - 20/30

The Usual Suspects:

* Brown Jacket
* Blue Dress
* Black Heels

The Accomplice:

None today.

I really don't like this dress. Rather, I like the dress, I don't like how uncomfortable I feel in it. I just feel like it's so short, though the yellow skirt is about as short and I feel fine in it for some reason. Maybe if I wear it with tights, I'll like it better?

Have you guys noticed the different background? I've been taking my OOTD photos in our bedroom lately, since my home office is such a warzone right now. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A little bit about me...for all the new followers!

My name is Desiree, I am 25 years old, and I'm from Miami, FL born and raised! I am a first generation American, created by 2 Cuban parents that lived a block away from each other in Havana but didn't meet until they both arrived in this country. I am the oldest of 3 kids, with both a younger sister and a younger brother.

I have been married to my best friend for 3 years, though we have been together for almost 6. His name is Kenny and he is awesome LOL He's also remarkably shy about being in photos and on the internet, so you will very rarely see him on here.

We have a pug named Pig and a cat named Brady, and we take better care of them than we do of ourselves sometimes :) We love reptiles, and have had quite a few throughout our relationship, but we currently have none.

I make my living in insurance sales, as I co-own an insurance agency with my father. I am also a freelance fashion photographer, my company is called Beautiful Garbage Photography, Inc. and I mostly do work that I sell to benefit charitable organizations. I am also a graduate student, currently getting my Masters in Psychology, with a specialization in Addictions Counseling.

I love: animals, photography, fashion, online shopping, the interwebs, my DVR, owls, my iPhone, dancing, tequila, obscure music, reading blogs, tolerance, intelligent conversation, coffee, dresses, mustaches, makeover shows, bad TV in general, reading memoirs/biographies, talking, writing blog posts (list to be expanded, I'm sure)

I very strongly dislike: people who hate dogs, going to malls with people that invite me hoping I'll just fawn over everything they try on, rum (bad Cuban, bad!), people "discovering" bands I love and turning them into mainstream garbage, cap sleeves, intolerance, ignorance, people that allow themselves to be victimized, douchebags that victimize said people, writing school papers (I'm sure this list shall grow as well LOL)

Random tidbits about me:
* I am a Libra, and I firmly believe the coolest people on earth are as well LOL
* I have been cutting my own hair for the past 2 years, and I've yet to screw it up (notice I said "yet"!)
* I have 3 tattoos and I currently have 8 piercings, though at the peak of my body mod-ing, I had 12
* I am the kind of person that will cry watching commercials (true story!), but I'm also the kind of person that will punch someone first and ask questions later (also true story, unfortunately. I need to work on my aggression, though I have gotten MUCH better since I graduated college)
* The paternal side of my family is small, quiet and very well-to-do, and we were brought up with impeccable manners and etiquette due to this. The maternal side of family is HUGE, lots of people, lots of personality, and we're all a little chusma (the latin version of "country" or "ghetto", if you will LOL) so I can be really LOUD and boisterous! The great thing about my upbringing is I can be classy AND trashy, and I know when each is appropriate ;)
* I am OBSESSED with (and collect) Piggy Banks! 
* I believe EVERY WOMAN is beautiful. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Any questions, interviews, etc, please email me at FrugalistaFatshionista (at) yahoo (dot) com

IGIGI - 30% Off Dresses!

Avenue - After Holiday Sale!

A bit early, no? LOL

ASOS Curve, giving it another go!

After the first and last time I ordered from ASOS, I was iffy about relying on them to dress me for my friend's wedding...but after reading a fellow fatshion bloggers posts, I decided to jump in head first!

I got the coat Ms. Georgina wore here, except I got mine in an olive/khaki color. I wish they still had it in Navy, it's SO CUTE!!!!

I also purchased the pink dress she's wearing here, though I didn't realize she'd reviewed it before I bought it...I wish I had! Apparently the dress has no give so sitting in it is difficult...hopefully by some miracle I'm the one person on earth that doesn't experience this LOL

I also got another dress, and I seem to have gotten the last of everything because they are all out of stock on the website (sorry!)

Now the question is, will the dress arrive on time? The package is set to arrive on the 7th, and the wedding is on the 8th! EEP! That's cutting it close, eh? Well, I have a back-up dress in mind, and it is one that I already own and that no one has seen me in yet, so if anything, at least I know I won't have to panic...but I do hope that ASOS comes through for me, that pink dress is just too adorable!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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30 For 30 - 19/30

The Usual Suspects:

* Gray Dress
* Black Cropped Pants
* Black Heels

The Accomplices:

* Sparrow belt, Torrid, $22
* Hedwig ring

I love belts. That's one thing that I've learned about myself throughout this challenge! LOL When I picked this dress/top for the 30 items, I was expecting to just wear it on Thanksgiving because I couldn't imagine how else I'd wear it. Well, this look is very similar to that one, but with the help of a different belt and different shoes, I funked it up a bit and it's a different outfit!

Avenue - 50% Off Bottoms!

Catherines - 40% Off!

Holiday Outfits!

Hey guys!

I'm kinda stressing right now, not because I have nothing to wear (which is a common complaint, even with a closet bursting with clothes), but because I have a million dresses and don't know what to wear to each event!

This week we have Christmas and Christmas Eve, or "Noche Buena" as we call it (and actually Noche Buena is a much bigger deal than Christmas)...Christmas Eve is much dressier and more of a party vibe, whereas Christmas is more low-key and mellow...

I also obviously need to figure out what I'm going to wear for New Years Eve next family doesn't really dress up for our yearly party (looks range from clubwear to t-shirts and jeans), but I ALWAYS wear a dress, even if I look out of place. Better to be overdressed than underdressed, I say.

And then YESTERDAY I received an invite in the mail to my high school bestie's less than 3 weeks! I knew she was getting married in January, but for some reason it didn't click that January is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! It's not black tie, but it is a formal evening wedding, AND...da da dum! one is supposed to wear black dresses because the bridesmaids are wearing black! My bridesmaids wore black too, but I didn't have a traditional reception so I didn't have to impose fashion rules LOL...I'm pretty sure anything I own that fits the formal bill IS black, so idk what to wear!

Inspire me ladies! What will you be wearing this holiday season? I'd love to see what you all have up your sleeves to bring in the new year with a bang!

Monday, December 20, 2010

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Casting Call for Plus Model Magazine!

"If you are a size 18/20, and always wanted your chance at modeling for a legitimate client, PLUS Model Magazine will be working with a very well known brand which will be casting several size 18/20 models for an editorial with PLUS Model Magazine."

Go here to check out the whole article!

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Sales on EVERYTHING! Tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry, accessories, EVERYTHING!!!!

Check out the sales here!

DressBarn - BOGO 50% Off!

30 for 30 - 18/30

obviously, I'm the one on the left...the one on the right is my aunt :)
The Usual Suspects:

* Beth Ditto Floral Drape Dress
* Black Heels (though they came off basically immediately)

The Accomplices:

* A Multi-chain Silver Necklace, $12, Torrid (I believe...)
* Corset belt, about $30, Torrid

So, yeah. Here is the OOTD that I promised whenever someone posted photos of the party I wore the outfit too. I'm having TOO MUCH FUN in most of the pictures LOL So here's a couple just so you can see the outfit...above is the side view...

And here is an obstructed view of the front. The thought in my drunkass mind was "when they develop this, they're going to crack up!" didn't occur to me that it was digital! LOL That's a drunk photographer's thought process for you!

So yeah. Hopefully you can appreciate how cute the outfit was in these less than stellar pics, and you can appreciate that I'm a happy drunk ;)

Catherines - Lunch Rush!

A couple looks into Evans Spring/Summer 2011 range...

Lucie Lu - 25% Off!

William Rast for Target, as far as I can tell...

Fact: The range only goes up to an XL, which according to Target is a 16...

Opinion: Most of the outfits in the look book seem to have been put together with the mentality of "If you wanna look boho (which apparently is what they're going for, because the tag line is Biker Boho), you have to layer 17 things one on top of the other and look as disheveled and wacky as possible!"


This is "Look 7" of the collection. Even by the models stance, it just screams "lazy" to me.

Of all the looks on the site, this is the only one I would consider wearing:

Same top and shoes, whole different attitude. Much more put-together and stylish, IMO.

So yeah. At least in my opinion, this collection is a fail. That's considering however, that I haven't seen or felt the clothes in person, so at best they're a fail, and at worst they're a monumental fail.

Check out the collection here and draw your own conclusions. I'd love to hear from anyone that has actually seen the line in person, or even purchased something from it! I'm sure with some creativity, these pieces could shine. They're just totally not my cup of tea.