Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ASOS Curve, giving it another go!

After the first and last time I ordered from ASOS, I was iffy about relying on them to dress me for my friend's wedding...but after reading a fellow fatshion bloggers posts, I decided to jump in head first!

I got the coat Ms. Georgina wore here, except I got mine in an olive/khaki color. I wish they still had it in Navy, it's SO CUTE!!!!

I also purchased the pink dress she's wearing here, though I didn't realize she'd reviewed it before I bought it...I wish I had! Apparently the dress has no give so sitting in it is difficult...hopefully by some miracle I'm the one person on earth that doesn't experience this LOL

I also got another dress, and I seem to have gotten the last of everything because they are all out of stock on the website (sorry!)

Now the question is, will the dress arrive on time? The package is set to arrive on the 7th, and the wedding is on the 8th! EEP! That's cutting it close, eh? Well, I have a back-up dress in mind, and it is one that I already own and that no one has seen me in yet, so if anything, at least I know I won't have to panic...but I do hope that ASOS comes through for me, that pink dress is just too adorable!


  1. I have just peeked around on asos and found two dresses that i would love to have... how goes the sizing? I sit larger than here or smaller? any heads up would be appreicated

  2. I'm not quite sure yet! The first (and only other) time I ordered from them, I never received my package, so I won't know until this package arrives...From the reviews I've seen around though, they're pretty true to size. There's a size guide that goes by measurements on every "in-stock" item, and I always suggest going by your own measurements, as cuts/sizes vary from retailer to retailer.

    Sorry I couldn't help more just yet!