Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OOTD 12-24-10

I hope everyone's Christmas was lovely! Here's a little post on how I spent my holiday...

What I wore Christmas Eve
* Dress, Old Navy, $36.50 (though it's now on sale for $13.99 in limited sizes!)...I loved that it had a "Christmas ornament" vibe to it LOL

I went here:

and I had some of this:

along with some of this:

and it was pretty awesome.

Then, Christmas day...there was lots of THIS!

And even some of this! LOL


  1. Girrl, lookin' cute in that dress!
    And I like your hair...did you recently cut bangs?

  2. Thanks, hon!

    And I did! Me entro una locura and I cut them myself! LOL I'm very impressed to have not totally ruined my hair yet, and worried that my self-hair-styling luck may be running out ;)

  3. I like the retro-vibe print of the dress. I can see how it looks like a Christmas ornament pattern! Great for the holidays and super cute on!
    Merry belated Christmas!

  4. That dress fits you perfectly and I love the print. It definitely does resemble wrapping paper or Christmas ornaments -- perfect for the occasion :)