Friday, March 30, 2012

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Plus Size Maternity Wear

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Reader Question: Just wondering if you had any suggestions for plus size maternity clothing? I'm going nuts trying to find something nice!

I’m glad you asked! I’m a plus sized fashion ADDICT and being pregnant did nothing to squash my need to be fashionable! Of course, comfort is #1…but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute too!

I got some pregnancy jeans at Old Navy, though they’ve since (quietly and unexpectedly) discontinued their plus size maternity line…Check your measurements against their charts, though…as a size 24/26 (traditionally a 3x/4x), I still fit into their “straight” size XXL shirts. Bottoms are a bit trickier.

Torrid had a maternity line for exactly ONE season…it’s just as well, everything in the line was hideous…but again, I would look for baby doll, empire waist or otherwise flowy tops and either buy my size or a size up to ensure comfort.

The MECCA though, is Motherhood Maternity. I got pants, shorts, leggings, tops, undies, even swimwear there during my pregnancy and I was extremely happy with every single thing I purchased! I LIVED in their jeans and leggings.

To be honest, most days I wore maxi dresses which don’t have to be purchased as maternity wear, a life saver since maternity clothes tend to be expensive.

Hope that helps, and if anyone has any other suggestions for flattering plus size maternity clothes, please let me know! Anything that won’t break the bank is a PLUS! ;)