Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Outfits!

Hey guys!

I'm kinda stressing right now, not because I have nothing to wear (which is a common complaint, even with a closet bursting with clothes), but because I have a million dresses and don't know what to wear to each event!

This week we have Christmas and Christmas Eve, or "Noche Buena" as we call it (and actually Noche Buena is a much bigger deal than Christmas)...Christmas Eve is much dressier and more of a party vibe, whereas Christmas is more low-key and mellow...

I also obviously need to figure out what I'm going to wear for New Years Eve next week...my family doesn't really dress up for our yearly party (looks range from clubwear to t-shirts and jeans), but I ALWAYS wear a dress, even if I look out of place. Better to be overdressed than underdressed, I say.

And then YESTERDAY I received an invite in the mail to my high school bestie's wedding...in less than 3 weeks! I knew she was getting married in January, but for some reason it didn't click that January is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! It's not black tie, but it is a formal evening wedding, AND...da da dum!...no one is supposed to wear black dresses because the bridesmaids are wearing black! My bridesmaids wore black too, but I didn't have a traditional reception so I didn't have to impose fashion rules LOL...I'm pretty sure anything I own that fits the formal bill IS black, so idk what to wear!

Inspire me ladies! What will you be wearing this holiday season? I'd love to see what you all have up your sleeves to bring in the new year with a bang!

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