Monday, December 6, 2010

30 for 30 - 13/30

The Usual Suspects:

* Black Blazer
* Blue Ruffle Blouse
* Black Trousers
* Black Ballet Flats

The Accomplice:

* Black and Crystal Bracelet

Here is Day 15, which was a Monday, stepping in for Day 13, which was a Saturday...

I hate the two pieces photograph so different in color, because IRL they both look true black, which I think is great because I got two pieces from two different stores in two different countries and turned them into my first grown-up suit! Also, that spot on the pants is not a spot at all, but actually just the light bouncing off stuff and making a wonky reflection. My home office recently became inundated with the last of the stuff we had at my parents house, so I need to find a new place to take my OOTD photos in the meantime...

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