Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 For 30 - 3/30

the camera cut part of my head off my favorite photo, so I finished the job!

The Usual Suspects:
* Black Blazer
* Striped Blouse
* Black Trousers
* Black Die-Cut Heels (4.5 inches! It's a miracle my flip-flop-wearing behind didn't break an ankle! LOL Not even CLOSE! :pats self on back:)

The Accomplices:
* Pink Pin, came with the blouse
* Owl Double Ring, Torrid, $8 on sale

Also, check out the cute detail at the bottom of the shoes! It's a little dirty after walking around in them all day, but each sole has a paisley design engraved in and a little metal doll badge attached (they're Dollhouse brand, isn't that adorable?)

I also decided that to replace item #16 on the list, I'll just substitute another pair of cropped jeans...they're not cuffed like the first ones are, but they're the same wash and the same length, so I figure it's not SUCH a digression...

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