Monday, November 15, 2010

30 For 30 - 1/30

Please excuse my demonic red eyes and the dirty-ass floor...

The Usual Suspects:
* Khaki Trench
* Blue Khaki Pants
* Dark Gray Boatneck Top
* Black Ballet Flats

The Accomplice:

* "Gold" Owl Necklace

I just realized, now that I'm itemizing what I wore, that I was in head to toe Old Navy today...literally! It's just like high school! LOL

I actually went and made a spreadsheet like Kendi suggested (lol, I love lists!) but I'm leaving it open for the most part because I want to be able to mix it up and change my mind...I'm realizing that the hard part of this isn't remixing, as 30 items are more than's coming up with remixes that aren't BORING!

Also: Three new tops and a dress came in today, and I'm expecting 3 pairs of boots this week. ACK! I wish I had accounted for them in the 30 items, I knew they were coming! Now I have to wait a month to wear them all out, boo! (See? I'm already extra-appreciating my closet! After just one day! LOL)

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