Thursday, September 23, 2010

OOTD 9-23-10

Forgive the posing, lighting and overall mess...I just went ahead and snapped this really quickly just to have a photo for today.

I may or may not do this everyday (chances are I will do it 1-3 times a week), but I figure if I'm spending so much time telling you about clothes I'm wanting and eventually buying, you should see what I end up doing with it once it's in my clutches.

don't mind my cat, Brady...he was having dinner under the table.
*Sunglasses: Bass Pro (you can find cute stuff ANYWHERE if you really look!), $20
*Top: Old Navy, from a million years ago, so I'm assuming about $20
*Skirt: from this Old Navy haul, $'s really big on me, even though I bought a size down, because Old Navy is NOTORIOUS for having crazy variation even within the same size. The fact that it's an elastic waist makes it even bigger because I can't really cinch it...I really like the pattern though, so I'll make it work.
*Shoes: Torrid, also really old (and only ever worn twice, they're REALLY uncomfortable), I'm guessing $25 because I wouldn't have paid more for them.

SO yeah...I didn't put a whole lot of thought into the outfit, and even less thought into the photo, but I promise they'll get better now that I'm giving myself the job of doing this!

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