Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I gave in...

and bought 3 items from Kohls online. I couldn't resist! I got a couple nice work tops and one cute going-out top for $82 total, including tax (free shipping, of course)...the three items would have otherwise cost me $128 BEFORE tax and shipping! It's like I got one of the items free and clear!

I wish I could post photos of what I bought, but my work computer is always a little dodgy when it comes to photos...I'll do my best to post the photos tonight, and if not, I'll make sure to post them when the items arrive so we can do a comparison of what was delivered vs. what was promised.

I got lucky with those items because as far as I can tell, the online selection of plus size clothes is a bit scant. The womans plus size department (online, at least) is very, well, matronly. Not at all the kind of clothes I'd wear, not even to work. I got lucky in the Juniors Plus department, where I scored all my swag and managed to find stuff that was modest enough for work but still stylish and funky enough to not be well...gross.

So, there you have it. I've just had my first Kohls shopping experience. Feel free to tell me about yours, particularly if it's today as well!

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