Monday, September 27, 2010

I should have known...LOL

The Newport News sale was too good to pass up! I got 5 items, valued at $295 BEFORE tax and shipping, for $143 INCLUDING tax and shipping! That's over 50% off!

I bought a two tone dress, which is VERY classy and I always like to have dresses on reserve in case an event pops up, because fact is that we bigger ladies don't have the luxury of just walking into any store at the mall and finding 15 dresses we love and can walk out wearing...I also bought wide leg jeans, which I fully plan on dyeing because I HATE light denim, a cummerbund pencil skirt in dark red (idk what I'll wear it with, but it seemed too fun to pass up), leggings and a shapewear swimsuit (in the fall? YES! Buying out of season is the easiest way to save money, and I live in Miami so it's not like I won't use it all year round!)

BTW, most things at this website are also available in straight sizes, so have at it, skinny minnies!

OK...NOW let the shopping ban begin. LOL

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