Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A review of my recent purchase from Kohls.com

Hello, my fellow frugalista fatshionistas! I have returned, and I bring you a review of the items that ended my shopping ban...
This is one of the work tops I purchased. LOVE! The belt is removable so it can be worn with or without it (I like it with, but it's nice to have the option)...it is very light but has that layered look that's always popular in the fall, which is great for me because I live in Miami, FL...meaning that while most of America is feeling the crisp air, seeing the leaves turn colors and enjoying temperatures of 65-70, I'm melting in humid, nasty 93 degree weather until possibly January.

One word: EW. That sums this up to a tee. I hoped it would be just gray fabric and not that weird metallic fabric (I was let down), but mostly it was the fit. The size was right (BTW, my fellow BBW, don't EVER rely on the size of a garment, always check the measurements to make sure a garment will fit, particularly if it's a place you've never shopped at before...though I always keep my measurements in mind while shopping seeing as some places :cough cough Old Navy cough: can vary several inches in the same size depending on the garment)...the problem was the FIT. The material was very clingy but because of the band at the bottom (which was my bad...I HATE tops with banded hems and I didn't realize this was one) it was just snug enough around the hips to make the rest of me look like I was wearing a sparkly garbage bag. This will DEFINITELY be going back, and luckily Kohls accepts in store returns for online purchases (unlike SOME stores...:cough cough Old Navy cough:)

Another great faux-layered top. This one is slightly sheer, so I'm going to have to be mindful about throwing it on over a pirate-print red bra (which I just did LOL). I like the material, it doesn't feel cheap, but it is definitely light enough that I won't regret it in this climate.

Overall, pretty good shopping experience online at Kohls. I might not feel the same if they didn't accept online returns in store, but that extra service redeemed them in my eyes. I'll definitely shop here again, though most likely I'll stay in the Juniors Plus department for a while.

I'll be back with more sales tomorrow, I'm still getting back in the swing of things after my vacation!

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