Thursday, September 23, 2010

TOLD you I've been shopping too much!

So, yeah. I've been shopping. Again.

I bought myself these 2 pairs of black trousers because, well...I don't have black trousers. Really. I don't. Usually if I wear pants to work, it's either a pair of really dark jeans (though only on's not a rule or anything, it just seems right), or this one pair of green trousers I have, and they're kind of a pea soup green, so there's only so many tops that look right with them.

That's not even the best part, though.

Remember when I first announced the Beth Ditto collection at Evans? And remember how I was lusting after that floral dress? WELL I GOT IT!


And I had a discount code for that saved me £9 (about $15), so I paid £70 (about $112) for all three items, including shipping overseas!

I really hope everything fits, because I've never shopped at Evans before, but I've heard that their return process is a nightmare...wish me luck!

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