Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've been shopping WAY too much!

Floral Trim Tunic

Grommet Trimmed Dress

Button Draped Tunic

Woven Cap Slv Dress
Electric Stripe Top

My latest purchase from Faith 21...which is the plus size department of Forever 21.

I've only shopped here once before, and I loved both tops I purchased! One of those tops was supposed to be a a dress, but one thing I've heard (and witnessed that one time) is that their dresses are REMARKABLY short and not for the modest! That being said, I also bought a couple pairs of leggings and dug up my tights from We Love Colors in preparation for these tunics and "dresses".

I'm pretty sure that if I'll be disappointed with anything, it'll be the Woven Cap Sleeve Dress, just because I have pretty crap luck with thick empire waist bands making dresses look more maternity than plus size...I usually love empire waist dresses/tunics and I own a fair amount of items with that silhouette, but it all depends on the material of the garment. We shall see!

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