Monday, November 22, 2010

30 for 30 - Week 1 in review!




 The week in review!

(Note to self: I need to learn how to make those cute little collages of photos that everyone else uses. I don't have photoshop and formatting all these photos on this post was a nightmare!)

I am very proud to say that (so far), I have not cheated or missed a day...I see a lot of people doing their 30 outfits from 30 items, but not for 30 days straight...they skip whenever they aren't going out, etc. I find it much more challenging to force myself to come up with an outfit, even if I'm not going anywhere, and I'm happy that I've managed to get through the first week staying true to that.

There's still a fair amount of items that I haven't worn, and I'm surprised at which items I've already repeated. Nice to discover the versatility of something you've seldom worn before.

I've learned this week (among other things) that I really seem to like putting my hands on my hips in photos. I need new poses ASAP lol

I think my favorite outfit for the week was number 2, and for sure my least favorite was 5, though it was my husband's favorite. Go figure.

I really wish I had included at least one pair of boots, it sucks that if I want walking shoes, my only options are sandals or ballet flats. Don't get me wrong, I love my ballet shoes and they're very versatile, but I guess I crave more shoe variety. As a matter of fact, those ballet flats are the MVPs of the week, because they are the item I got the most use from!

I also wish I had included a plain black dress, because it would have been extra fun to challenge myself to take it from day to night, etc with accessories and the like...Hopefully next time I do the challenge, I remember to include one.

Looking forward to the next week, and the challenge of keeping the remixes fresh!

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