Monday, November 22, 2010

30 For 30 - 8/30

The Usual Suspects:

* Brown Corduroy Jacket
* Blue Ruffle Blouse
* Blue Khakis
* Black Sandals

The Accomplice:

None, but I didn't think I needed any.

And so begins week 2! I love me some blue and brown, but I hardly wear the combination because I don't own many brown garments. This was simple, but cute for work, I think. I have the perfect brown flats to go with this, but alas, those shoes are not part of the 30 items.

How do you like that pose, huh? I wanted something dramatically different from the "hands on hips", so I went for dramatic and different. LOL

Oh, and check out this cute photo from yesterday! My little sister and I in our Potter gear, and it just so happens it was her 24th birthday yesterday!

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