Friday, October 29, 2010

OOTD 10-27-10

Sunglasses $20, Bass Pro

Long Sleeve White Button-Down Blouse, $20, Old Navy 

Black dome button waistcoat, £27, Dorothy Perkins  

Black Trousers, £16, Evans  

Wedge Sandals, $22, Payless

I recently discovered my "Life Number" in numerology is the number 8...

This number indicates strength in executive leadership, business and management...based on that, I was going for super-duper-business look ;)

Also, people with a Lifepath 8 tend to either succeed above and beyond, or fail miserably at everything they attempt...we're all-or-nothing since there's no gray area, just black and white, I decided to incorporate that into the outfit.

Can you tell I'm into astrology/numerology? :)

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