Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You probably all knew this was coming, BUT...

Guys, I really don't think this shopping ban thing is going to work out for me, at least not at this time.

I haven't caved (yet), but the fact is that my birthday IS next week, and hopefully I'll be getting some funds from various sources which I will just have too hard a time not buying clothes with, ESPECIALLY since I'd only justify it with "but it's for your birthday! it's not even YOUR money (as in paychecks, technically)"...Plus...

And this is a BIG plus!

Um, hello? Black Friday falls smack in the middle of the three month ban. So, what? I'm gonna fight the urge to shop throughout my birthday month only to succumb almost 2 months into the ban? Starting the ban this month is absolutely setting myself up for disappointment.

What I CAN do is challenge myself to make the most of my closet. What better way to save money than to really make use of what I have? Remixing the garments, never repeating the same outfit...let's see how far my closet takes me. And hey, if I need a pair of shoes to go with an outfit, fine. If I'm dying for a new belt (and I AM!), no sense feeling bad over it. I'm going to shop with less abandon, and instead see if I can't surprise myself by making miracles out of what I already own.

If anyone would like to join me in this crusade, I'd love to hear about it so I can follow your progress too! We can all inspire each other to use our wardrobes in outside-the-box ways.

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