Friday, October 1, 2010

Faith 21...hit and miss, as is the concensus

I ordered 7 items from Faith 21, and when the order arrived yesterday, it was decided almost immediately that half the items would be going back :sad face:

2 of the items that I'm keeping are leggings, and it's pretty hard to mess up leggings, so maybe those should be excluded...3 of the 5 legit garments simply did not make the cut.

Funny enough, the one item that I figured I wouldn't like (the woven cap sleeve dress) is one of only 2 garments I'm keeping. I'm actually wearing it right now, and I'm a bit upset because I think a Pumpkin Spice Latte fiasco this morning might have ruined it (damn you, Starbucks!) and if that is the case, I'll rebuy this dress. Promise. It's THAT cute. It's the perfect length, just above the knee, the material, although a little rough, is heavy duty stuff, and the exposed zipper in the back is ADORABLE.

The other item I'm keeping is the floral trim tunic. Very cute, but VERY low cut, so I'm going to need to wear it over something.

The grommet trimmed dress felt like it was made out of burlap and the shape did nothing for me (I should say "what shape?", but I digress...), the button trimmed tunic was completely see through, which sucked cuz I REALLY wanted to love it, and the slit goes up to your belly button so idk what the hell I'd wear it with even if it weren't so crappily made. The electric stripe top I almost kept, because I love the belt that comes with it SO much, but the top was made of this really unflattering material that served to show off the curves in all the WRONG places, so back it goes. I'll miss you, pyramid belt.

So yeah. The first (and only other) time I ordered from Faith 21, I ordered 2 tops, one of which I LOVE and the other of which I didn't but kept anyway because it wasn't worth the hassle to based on my experience, one is expected to hate 50% of the things they order online from Faith 21 LOL I'm packing everything up tonight so I can make the return hopefully on Monday.

If anyone has a favorite item from Faith 21, I'd love to hear about it because against my better judgment, I'm really really trying to LOVE this store.


  1. Well I can tell you that I shop at forever 21 and I've had the same experience. I shop there online so much that I can pretty much spot things that I KNOW won't turn out well. But let me tell you even when I'm happy with everything I order it doesn't last very long. 1/2 to 2/3 of my order either shrinks in the wash to the point that I wear it once and then I cant wear it again and let me tell you I was then on the gentle cycle and tumble dry them. The other problem I have is that the material is so cheap that holes appear everywhere after only ONE use! I cant tell you how many things I've bought and only been able to wear on

  2. omg i have that woven cap sleeve dress and i love it tooo..... like lindsey I have bought so much from faith on line that i know what im gonna hate in person even if i like it on the web page..... I have purchased and LOVED the following dresses:

    oh btw my mom lives in canada so i can shop on both the american web site and the canadian one and the canadian one usually has really good sales...... :) lemme know what you think