Thursday, October 14, 2010

Faith 21 wish list/review

They seem to have posted some new stuff between yesterday and today, and although my experiences with Faith 21 have been very hit or miss, there's some stuff I just love and would love to try out in store soon!

Metallic Beaded Tube Dress

Drape Front Top

Abstract Empire Dress

Bundled Up Cardigan

Longline Cardigan Vest w/ Leatherette Belt

As far as my last online purchase from them, I'm sending 2 of the 3 things back, and that third thing is sticking around by a very narrow margin. The printed belted dress was ALMOST kept, because I loved the length and the front, but the belt doesn't go all the way around (it's just stitched on the front) and that makes the back look weird. The woven surplice dress is the keeper, because I managed to find a bra that wasn't visible due to the low cut. The classic ponte dress is the one I was most excited about, but the one that most undeniably needed to go back. There wasn't enough room in the top for my boobs, and that made the whole thing look awful (an empire waist giving you four-boob is NOT a good look, no matter what size you wear).

So, yeah. I'm waiting on all these returns before I bother shopping there online again, unless something phenomenal because exclusively available on the website.

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  1. that black tube dress is to die for.... its in my shopping bag right now.... i have a 100 dollar gift card i just keewp waiting fpr new things each day !