Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ASOS - The Saga Concludes...

I received a very nice email this morning from ASOS...letting me know that the package I never received must have been lost in the post, and is now unrecoverable. They WOULD have resent my package, except now everything I ordered  is out of stock, so they gave me a full refund.

That was nice of them to fix the situation without a fuss (though I think considering the circumstance, anything less would have been absolutely RIDICULOUS) but it ULTRA SUCKS that I can't have those items and also, what would have happened if I hadn't contacted them? I have been shopping online (OFTEN) for YEARS and never once has a package gotten lost...even when a package is set to arrive later than expected, I've always received emails from whatever company...this went COMPLETELY unnoticed by ASOS, so what kind of service could I expect from them in the future?

I really want to give them one more shot, but when I do, it'll be because I see something on their website that I HAVE to have...I know that the US website thing has them tangled up too, because I've been seeing on other blogs and communities that others have been complaining recently of packages taking forever to arrive, but if they are expanding, it should be to the BENEFIT of their customers, not their detriment.

If anyone has anything to say about ASOS, good or bad, I'd love to hear it, since the one and only experience I have with them has left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.


  1. I've ordered twice from ASOS, the first time with no problem whatsoever, and the stuff I ordered are acutally 2 of my favorite pieces at the moment.

    I'm currently waiting for order number 2, and like you, have been waiting about a month. I just emailed them for the second time today, so we'll see what they say :(

  2. I really hope your situation turns out better than mine did, I like so many things from their website, but this first experience kinda started my ASOS relationship off on the wrong foot...