Friday, October 15, 2010

Casual Plus...a review!

I got a suggestion from Megan, one of my readers, to check out Casual Chic because they had clothes that's "either really nice or fugly"...I was sold! LOL With a description like that, I HAD to check it out for myself!

I will agree with Megan that the picture of the stoic Asian lady at the top of the page is a But I trudged on and checked out the size chart. They work with Junior Plus sizes, so the letter sizes and number sizes might not coincide the way we're used to (ex. a 24 is usually 3x, but here it's a 5x), though it is ALWAYS a good idea to check size charts EVERYWHERE because your "size" may vary store to store and even brand to brand, but your measurements are pretty reliable.

I don't LOVE the website layout, but it wasn't so hard to navigate that I quit...also I noticed they were paypal verified and certified, and while anyone can just stick that little graphic on their website, I trust paypal overall to get my money back for me if something is fishy, so them accepting paypal alone kept me on their site. I don't personally feel comfortable paying for something with a credit card if it is not a well-known merchant...

So...I browsed and browsed, and Megan had it right. Everything was either really cute or just plain fugly, not a whole lot of in-between...I really liked a lot of the styles, but the fabrics looked questionable. I decided to go out on a limb (mostly because they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee) and bought 2 pieces so I could judge the actual quality for myself.

Facade stripe print blouse, $18.99

Trendy cancan mini dress, $29.99

One thing I did REALLY like is that the descriptions are SUPER detailed, even letting you know the finish of the fabric (sheer, shiny, etc) which is something that is usually hard to gauge online and can lead to disappointment upon arrival of something you THOUGHT would be completely different.

So, now we wait for the items to arrive! Thanks again to Megan for letting me know about this place, and if any other readers would like to suggest a place to get great plus sized clothes, whether online or in Miami, FL, please let me know! Comment the blog or email me at

:EDIT: 100TH POST! :)


  1. I know the weird asian lady is a bit much..... but i really like this web site for the dresses like the cocktail dresses......
    this dress is to die for:

    and i bought this dress and wore to about three formal events and it was amazing:

    Did you get the 10% off? I have the code teher is a new one every month...... the customer service is great and i agree with you i love the detail that it goes into and the very large pictures of the clothing..... im excited to see how your order turns out !!!!

  2. ooh, I LOVE that purple/black dress!

    How do I go about getting the monthly 10% off codes? I'd love to be able to share them with the rest of the readers! :)

  3. i cant remember maybe just sign up for it ... ill check it out and get back to you :)