Monday, October 4, 2010

OOTD 10-4-10

To commerate the "Autumn" weather we had this was 75 degrees and breezy til about 11am, and it is currently 89 degrees out even though it's damn near sunset. Yay, Miami's bipolar weather!

with cardigan

without, duh.

Sunglasses: Bass Pro, $20
Cardigan: Old Navy, approx. $20
Tunic: Faith 21, $22.80
Camisole: Old Navy, probably between $7-$12 (I wouldn't have paid more for it, but I can only guess cuz it's a billion years old)
Leggings: Faith 21, $5.80
Sandals: Target, $22

Plus an outtake from this OOTD LOL

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