Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alloy...we meet again...

After the last debacle, it was going to take quite a bit to get me to shop at Alloy when I looked at their clearance section and saw this cute yellow skirt for $9.99, I couldn't resist!

I also bought this nautical top...not to match them (I don't know if that would work...hmm...) but just cuz I thought it was cute and a nice "toe-in-the-water" if you will, regarding taking the plunge into horizontal stripes (supposedly, a Big Girl No-No, as if vertical stripes will magically make me look as if I've lost 80 pounds)

And, last but not least, the original Alloy this point, if they get it right, it will have cost me $42 to buy this shirt instead of the listed $26 (between shipping and return fees, etc) so let's see if Alloy gets it right this time!


  1. OMG at the anchor shirt! hot hot hot!
    new follower alert by the way!
    this blog rawx :)

  2. Thanks so much!!!!! and thanks for following!!!!