Monday, November 1, 2010

Forever 21/Faith 21...I WANT to love you, but you make it so difficult!

I went to the mall last week and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Forever 21 had moved to an anchor position in the mall in order to make room for their Faith 21 department. The store was CRAZY huge! The section of the store was small compared to the size of the overall store, but there was plenty to choose from, and it was great to SEE and FEEL the fabrics before deciding what to buy.

My sister (who is nowhere NEAR plus sized) even had her own little shoppers discrimination moment, as I call them (LOL), where she found something she LOVED (a beige sweater with puppies painted on it, in this case) in the plus size department, and after frantically asking 3 different employees if they had it available in straight sizes and getting resounding NOs, she said to me "so this is what its like for you to shop!" LOL YES MA'AM! Sucks to be in a straight size store, find something really cute, and know it will never fit! Now the shoe is on the other foot! She has a newfound appreciation for my shopping experience, and she made me proud when she said "whatever! I'm gonna make it WORK!" and bought it in an XL anyway, deciding she'd belt it and wear it oversized. Good girl!

When I got home, I realized that one of the dresses I bought didn't fit quite right in the chest area (damn these larger than average breastases! LOL) and that one of the other dresses I bought, which I had been coveting for weeks (its no longer available online, but it's the cute dress that had a purple plaid sheer top and a high waist black skirt) was RIPPED. I'm talking a rip that I could fit my arm through, right across the chest. Completely unfixable and unwearable!


At the earliest I could, I went back to the store with my sister to get my money back for the above mentioned dresses. Receipt in hand, I walked up to the counter and explained my situation. The douchebag Pauly D. lookalike tells me they can't take back the purple dress cuz it's ripped. Um, no shit, Sherlock. Didn't you hear me just tell you that's why I'm bringing it back? Well, they can't resell it in that condition, so they can't give me my money back. OH! SO SELLING IT THAT WAY IS COOL, BUT NOT RESELLING IT, HUH?! Basically, the guy told me in his own way that I could shove the dress up my ass for all they care, but that they didn't give a crap that they sold me a faulty product.

When I ask about the other dress, the guy has the BALLS to tell me "Yeah, that one I'll let you return." OMG THANK YOU! Fucking asshole, as if you're doing me a favor. But it gets better! He busts out with "so what do you want for it?" Excuse me? "Yeah, what are you exchanging it for?" Um, your JOB in a minute. I told him "straight up, with the service you're NOT giving me and the piece-of-shit quality of these clothes, why the FUCK would I want anything else from here?" I made sure to say it nice and loud too, so all the other shoppers would be made aware of this ridiculousness. I keep it classy, but I am NOT ABOVE causing a scene to get a point across.

They refused to give me cash back so I settled for store credit. To use online. I still haven't heard anything back from THEIR returns department, but I FOR SURE am not giving that store any more of my money. Fuck that.

So, yeah. All you Miami-ans, for top notch service as described above, go to the Forever 21 in Dolphin Mall, and give 'em a big UP YOURS from me. Thanks.


  1. That's so shitty. I hate people who give bitch ass customer service and Forever 21 has the worst return policy. Did you get a manager involved?

  2. They pulled one of those "I AM the manager" stunts, though that guy couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag, so I'm sure that he was full of it.

    For sure. I've heard horror stories about Forever 21 from my straight size friends, and now us curvy girls have the opportunity to experience the same crap service as the rest of the shopping world! Hurray!

  3. I just bought that same dress. Plaid purple top and high waist black skirt. REALLY cute! I checked it thoroughly though before buying. Didn't want to have to go back and go ghetto on those people.

  4. Where did you find it? I'd love to rebuy it somewhere OTHER than Dolphin...When I went, they told me I couldn't even exchange it for a proper one even if they DID have it.

    GRRR. Freakin' Doral.

    (I love that you're from Miami, so you know what I'm talking about LOL)

  5. LOL yeah I actually did get it at Dolphin, but after reading your experience with them and knowing that this was a final sale, I triple checked that there were no holes or tears.

  6. I'm glad you had better luck with that store than I did!

    I'm think I'm just going to rip the plaid bit off and hem it so I can use it as a high-waist black skirt. It looks like it would work that way, cross your fingers for me! :)