Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspire Me Friday - Style Icon!

 In this installment of Inspire Me Friday, I want to bring the focus to everyone's favorite Fatshionista, Beth Ditto! (ok, so idk if she's EVERYONE's favorite, but she's totally mine and definitely an inspiration!)

 Speaking for myself, Beth Ditto in bodycon outfits and out-there ensembles has totally given me both inspiration and courage to try out styles that I otherwise might not have ever even tried on, let alone rocked!

omg I need this dress in my life!
Then of course, there are her ranges for, LOVE! She started her first line in collaboration with Evans in 2009, and I regret to say I wasn't "IN" the fatshion community back then, because I really missed out! When her second range dropped in 2010, I was all over it!!!

I'm DESPERATELY ISO this dress in a UK22 or 24, if anyone is willing to part with it. KTHX!
One of my favorite dresses (and I have A LOT of dresses) is one from the latest range, seen on me here!

Beth Ditto...talented singer, outspoken goddess, and STYLE ICON! Keep rocking it, Beth! This Fatshionista hearts you 4EVA!!!! :D

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  1. I know she does not claim Arkansas that much but it is so nice to see a fellow Arkansan making it on the big stage!