Friday, January 14, 2011

Inspire Me Friday - Trend Alert!

In this installment of Inspire Me Friday, I'll be talking about a trend for Spring 2011! THE RETURN OF THE FLARED PANT!

Don't get me wrong, I love a skinny jean (I'm wearing a black pair right now, though I prefer jeggings! LOL True story! I find them much more flattering on me.) but I have LOVED flares since I've been choosing my own wardrobe in middle school.

Observe! I do not lie. Here is a crappy phone pic. My shoes are awesome though. Get your own pair here.
When Old Navy discontinued their "The Flirt" cut jeans for plus sizes (mid-rise flares...HELLO?! The Desi jean! How could they do that to me?!) I almost had an attack. But now, they MUST bring them back (or some variation of them) because flared jeans and pants are BACK for Spring 2011 in a big way!!!

Derek Lam SS11 (source)

Topshop Unique SS11 (source)

I personally can't WAIT to buy up a new pair of flared jeans. I'm holding on desperately to my only pair of "The Flirt" jeans that I bought summer 2009 and are starting to rip along the inner thigh seam (don't they all eventually? LOL)

There's already some flared jeans popping up on Torrid!

Find these here

available here
I'll still be wearing my skinny jeans and jeggings, but I am practically GIDDY at the chance to re-up my flare game! :)

What trend are you most excited about for spring? Besides leaving the winter coats behind, I mean ;)

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