Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OOTD New Years Eve!

Let's give the 30 For 30 OOTDs a break for a minute, and see what I wore on New Years Eve!

* Torrid Cropped Black Blazer, $14.99 on clearance
* Torrid Military Tube Top, $12.49 on clearance
* Old Navy Blue Khakis
* Torrid Wedges, $39

Super comfy, but I think really cute. I love the gold buttons on the tube top and I'm REALLY liking the blazer, even though it has (eep!) SHOULDER PADS. I didn't think I'd ever own something with shoulder pads that I LIKED. Honestly, if I'd known that it HAD shoulder pads before I bought it, I might never have (The closest Torrid to me is over 200 miles away in Orlando, so everything I've ever bought from Torrid in the past 6 years has been purely online).

I LOVE how comfy the wedges are, but by the end of the night, the rubber bit of one of the heels came off. CHEAP! I have to crazy glue the heel back on to see if it holds, it sucks I only got to wear them once before something happened...I really like them otherwise!

What did YOU wear to celebrate the new year? Link me to OOTDs! :)

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