Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OOTD 1/8/11

Wedding day OOTD!

Remember I told you guys about my high school BFFs wedding this past weekend? Well, I have OOTD pics for you!

My husband is a dodo-bird and didn't know how to work the zoom on my camera (LOL) but here I am! I ended up wearing a different necklace (borrowed from my mom), and I threw the shawl into my pocket (yes the dress had POCKETS!!!) almost immediately, it was so annoying!

Dress: eShakti "overstock" section , $35 (here is the link to the dress, in case you'd like your own! It comes in other colors as well.)
Shoes: Lane Bryant, $25 on sale
Clutch: gift
Shawl: came with a formal gown I bought about 6 years ago, and has become my go-to shawl LOL

Here's a pic of me wearing the necklace I ACTUALLY wore, along with my sister and one of our besties:
Me, Jennicke and Christie

I LOVE Christie's necklace!

SO yeah. My husband's wedding gear ended up costing more than a formal outfit (head to toe) for me. Yay, frugality! :)

and of course, CONGRATS TO NINA AND PETE! Everything was gorgeous!!!

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