Monday, January 3, 2011





I am part of a list of bloggers that are taking on the challenge to not spend a PENNY in January on anything wearable, a challenge started by Anna of Bargain Fatshionista

here are all the participants, in alphabetical order:

Abigail of Mitten Paws
Anna of Bargain Fatshionista
Christina of Randomness ala Mode
Courtney of Loving the Reflection
Desiree of The Frugalista Fatshionista
Elizabeth of The State I Am In
The Notorious ZAG of Bigg Badd Wolf

Don't worry, I'll still be posting daily sales for everyone else that IS shopping, but I thought that for me, it would be a good idea, because I bought A LOT of clothes in the 4 short months this blog has been much new stuff, actually, that most of it still hasn't been worn. So, I am going to make this a win-win situation by wearing (and enjoying) all my new stuff, and also saving myself some $ this month to help me recuperate from Christmas. YEAH!

I'd love to hear from anyone that would be willing to join in, assuming of course you haven't bought anything yet this month. Maybe Anna wouldn't mind a few more joining the ranks? ;)


  1. I'm definitely open to people still joining, the more the merrier!

    So glad you signed up-- I discovered your blog a few weeks before I came up with the idea of No-Spend January and you and your outfits are just too cute.

  2. This is would be too much of a challenge for me! It does not help that I work in the retail industry. I do wish you all the best of luck though darlings xo