Tuesday, February 8, 2011

28 for 28 - 6/28

The Usual Suspects:

* Cream blouse
* Tutu Skirt
* Studded Flats

The Accomplice:

* Gold Owl Locket

This skirt is HUGE. I was pulling it up all day, and I ordered my regular size, to suffice to say that if you're thinking of ordering it, you should probably size down.

Also, I heard a lot about these flats, and how the elastic in the back is really tight and annoying. I thought that was an exaggeration until about 2 hours of wear, when I realized I wanted to yank them off and throw them somewhere. So yeah. These are going to need to be cut or something.

Aesthetically, at least, I like my little ballerina outfit though. LOL

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