Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspire Me Friday - Featured Fashionista!

It's time for the second installment of Featured Fashionista!!!

Fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes, so I thought it would be fun to ask the same few questions to several different fashionistas and showcase their personal style. This month's Featured Fashionista is Marisa, who is originally from Miami, but is currently living in Pompano Beach. 

Without further ado...

1) Your name, age and current city
*Pompano Beach, FL

2) Describe your personal style
 My favorite colors to wear are black, red and purple. And jersey dresses and layering items.  I'm big-chested so I like to show my better assets but not serve on a dish. I love a silhouette that contours my body and v neck blouses or lacy blouses. I like necklaces that are long and i like chandelier earrings and hoops. I like cute rings and watches. And love my boots and high heels.
3) Describe the style in your city (obviously this is a generalization) and how you feel about it. Do you dress in a way that says "my city"? Do you like or dislike how people in your city dress? explain. 
 The style in my city is laidback, jeans and shirts i live in an community with a lot of marinas, boaters and fisherman. I believe i dress in a way that says where I'm from. Since I'm originally from Miami. But the fashion of Miami has spread through all of Florida.  I think woman should dress to occasion but always go out looking presentably and feeling good. Not going shopping in pajamas or lil wee short shorts. Not appropriate. But I also think going to the gym with full face of makeup is ridiculous. I like wearing makeup but that's natural and don need to shellac it on. I think in my opinion, S. Florida is very shallow and female dress to attract the millionaires. I like to feel sexy and confident but classy in what I'm wearing but love to be relaxed too. 

4) What are your tips for shopping on a budget? Or what do you do to maintain your style while on a budget?
My tips for shopping on a budget is reorganizing my closet . Layering and buying pieces and accessories that look great always. If I buy something new it has to be affordable and have a purpose. I buy something for me once in a blue moon
5) Do you have any tips for developing ones personal style? 
Find things that you like and say who you are. Age and culture say a lot about the stuff you wear or "should" wear. I wear things based on the event, if I'm comfortable too.
6) What is your favorite fashion tip for women of any size, shape and budget?
Finding things that flatter and bring attention away from flaws. Certain hems and styles of jeans need to be specific to the body . Dark jeans with no white washing look best for voluptuous girls. I think buying things that can be worn for multiple occasions or dressed down or up make styles go further.

If you would like to be featured, please email me at frugalistafatshionista(at)yahoo(dot)com...and special thanks again to Marisa for participating!

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